A Little About Our Sensual Sessions 

Playful and intimate images celebrating the power the sea holds with your radiate beauty.

The breeze, the crash of the waves, the sand between your toes and the sunset kissing your cheeks.

This session is one of my favorites.


Taking all these elements in and twisting them to embrace you.

We will create two looks and four wardrobe changes during our time dancing in the sand.

Truly a magical time with nature and your grace.

Sensual beach sessions are less boudoir and more stylistic, inspired by the nearby beach in Santa Cruz, Carmel, and Montery. 


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Live stylishly with artistic design matched with the charm and comfort of your own home, favorite getaway, yacht or hidden destination.

Your inspired living artistic designs expand when we create your custom session in your crown jewel. 

During my session I observed Taylor Delve into the imagination of design and the sophisticated charisma. Regardless if the location showcases a vintage glamour, modern reflection, calm sea bliss or rustic farm. It's your style merged with Taylor's creative genius that divulge passion and disciplined art such as that of Picasso would execute a painting with. ~ GI.L


What I adore most about these locations is the dramatic story I can create. Like an old Hollywood scene that you find yourself drifting into it's embrace. You know, the scene where you hold your breath and then sigh a deep exhale.


Architect features that define the home become the backdrop to such imagination. French country farm home, modern masterpiece or the views from Hotel Heritage in Monte-Carlo. These destination get a new lease on life when we dance with light and my subjects endless beauty.


Such as the dramatic staircase leading to the second floor transcends into a statement art piece with flowing couture. Luxury location sessions invoke my pursuit of perfection. For the seasoned connoisseur this gift is a masterpiece. It's time we collide with the textiles of luxury.


It's time to celebrate your story. CLICK HERE for more information.