The power begins with developing a mindset for real momentum!


What can you expect when you book Taylor?



Empowering Visuals And Stories (photography is her first love)

Taylor drives home her message with soul-stirring videos, her empowering photography, and heart pounding music. There’s nothing more compelling than a story that reminds us of the magic and light of the human experience. Taylor is a powerful story-teller visually and with her words. She shares 20 years of story telling with the lens. Her past clients left a mark on her heart and a strong message. Taylor shares with pure enthusiasm and the love these stories hold. Laughter and tears seem to follow these inspiring talks! She knows how to harness the power of the audience and awaken the reason why they are there. Did they give up a Saturday? They will be happy they did!



Taylor loves to greet your attendees at the door with a handshake and a smile as they arrive (like they are arriving at her home). She’ll work with you to make the entire experience a breeze. The topics are relatable and will have the audience on the edge. Wearing those Chuck Taylor high tops like on the basketball court… she is it for the audience to win! Taylor will give the audience tools and resources to take action. She invites the audience to reach out to her and be apart of the RISE we are looking for! Through social media, phone calls or emails the message continues long after the talk. 


Taylor spends as much time in the audience connecting and engaging regardless of the size. She is always learning by attending other speaking engagements and leans in to help leverage others. Her fearless, inspiring and fun approach loosens up your audience, accelerates connection and deepens inspiration because your audience will be both entertained and engaged.There may be tears and for sure laughter and be left inspired! 


Intuition Content
Taylor doesn’t deliver a canned speech. She can go off the cuff if she senses there is a need in the audience to go deeper on a topic. Her intuitive heart will lead. This rebellious spirit leaves the attendee feeling like they are the only one in the room.


Let's stir the passion, inspire action and genuinely move people. Taylor is passionate about making a difference and it comes through on and off the stage. Her commitment is simple: to serve you and to be significant for those there.


For every booked speaking engagement, Taylor will donate a talk to the charity or organization of your choice.


Contact Taylor’s team now! She would love to meet you and put on the event of the year for your audience.