Changing Lanes to Hit Your Target

Spiritual Gangster coaching focuses on creating an action plan and a blueprint that's going to get you moving in the direction you wan to go in. It's innovative, outside-the-box thinking that comes up with a plan that's specific to where you want to go and how you'll get there.





What a ride life is! 

Are you ready to impact your life with purpose? And let's be clear this is your purpose not what someone else says you should be doing! 

I believe without a doubt we all have a purpose. 

What is calling you? What is the center of your joy? Are you still trying to figure that one out? 

Twenty plus years.. wait I just had a Birthday... wait, honesty... its more like 30 years running my own businesses. Some I sold and some I just had to walk away and start over. These adventures have been more impactful on my spiritual growth than anything. 

God has had my path cross with amazing people all throughout the world that have taken me under their wings and shared their knowledge and now it's time I share what I know what works when we show up to do the WORK! 

I have discovered what the work is and watching others the last 4 years jump in and unleash their purpose with tools has been the greatest reward I have been blessed with.



Why the name? My foundation in all that I do is faith-based. That story in its self is a powerful one. Faith did not come easy for me. When it arrived and I still struggled to let go. More of this latter.

I found many gifts and I am still discovery those gifts daily.

Truth, honesty, conviction, perseverance and rebellion dance in my coaching. 

This style of coaching is like nothing out there. It comes from a deep and meaningful place and has a balance of rebellion. 

My goal is to impact those that I can and then watch them soar and live the life of purpose and abundance! 

I still actively own a photography business. Speak weekly all over the nation. Author. Teacher. This will never change and with my hands in many diverse areas. The knowledge continues to be absorbed by me and that's what keeps this all fresh and alive even after a 15 hour day. 

My coaching session spots are limited and come with a passionate thinking outside the box, intuition, and a seeker on where the eyes are going in the world.


Are you ready to impact all areas of your life with blueprints, tools and so much more to be the change you want? Let's do this!!


The Bridge to your goals!



All Coaching Sessions Come With Tools That Will Impact Your Business

To Set Your Self Apart From The Competition. 



What can I create for your business?

I am a photographer. Marking content expert and creator of personal brands. I take personal branding right through to content branding to coaching you through obstacle preventing you from achieving your goals.  Calls with blueprints to active your goals, see where the eyes are going and tools to hit your target! Inspiration and growth in the content building to engage your audience.


My number 1 passion is helping others discover their purpose and ways to make this become their dream.



It's rare to find a business coach that can create your branding images. Talyor gets in and discovers your hidden gem and creates a customized coaching around you and your brand, your goals and ultimate what your purpose is! K.T


Taylor has been an incredible help for me with my business! From branding to my website, to my online social media presence she has helped me every step of the way and taught me how to market myself. She is always on top of the newest research and helps you stay in a positive, motivated mindset to achieve your goals. Taylor is backed by years of owning successful businesses and teaches you the tricks and insights she’s learned over the years. Thank you, Taylor, for helping me achieve my dream!
Ronette Parker, Mindful ABA


So much more than this... grab your coaching session TODAY as we have limited spots open in 2019.