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You GET out of LIFE what you Give! 


When we start this conversation, it unfolds organically and we shift in our seats from discomfort at first and then we shift out of pure delight to step up and lead our dreams to the victory they deserve. Taylor shares the inspiring story of how she found her way into purpose, and how fear has been her biggest push to serve her purpose. Her inspiring, entertaining message is perfect for students, professional groups, or philanthropic associations. Taylor resonates with audiences who are looking to change the world by pursuing their passion. 

You Serve Best by Doing the Thing You Love Most


Nothing Ventured Nothing Gained 


The Start over... The Reinvention. How many times do we get caught up in these powerful stories?  In this personal, approachable, we find that the audience is diverse in all social, economic and demographics. We’ve got a shot at really pulling together to turn upside down the way we approach the start overs we are facing in the world and look at them in a brand new entrepreneurial way.

 Never has there been a more exciting time for all of us to explore this great next Reinvention where the boundaries between work and purpose are merging into one. To find what makes you excellent and to bring out excellent in others.



I share my personal journey being raised in Utah, coming out to my family and in the corporate world all the while tapping into intuition, service and taking a leap of faith and how it lead me to a life of purpose.


Sales, artist, teachers, CFO, Executives, managers rise up in their seats hearing these stories and how they can impact their team to strive for excellence. 


Riding Out Of A Broken Heart


Close to home as Taylor shares her personal journey in the loss of her mother and coming out on the other side. She goes in depth into the fear and the cloak of depression only to find her light could shine brighter with two wheels and a powerful journey.



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