Every session is customized to your comfort level on beach or location of your choice.

 Your session includes an in-depth planning session, hair and makeup by the top artist in the industry, and personal creative time with Taylor.



Within one week you will enjoy a viewing session and review your fully edited images. From there we will help you select the best portraits for your custom-made folio box, fine wall art or your personalized album.



I create portraits that are to be celebrated for years to come. 


What To Expect

A luxury portrait experience that includes makeup, hair, photo session, reveal, a custom engraved keepsake folio box collection filled with your most cherished portraits.

This one of a kind photo shoot is a celebration of you and all that you are... This very moment you are perfect!



What To Wear

Every session is customized to be a celebration. When choosing what to wear the most important thing we stress is to wear what you love. You will feel confident with gentle coaching and posing that flatters you and makes you feel beautiful, along with the perfect wardrobe. Let’s have coffee and plan what you will wear. Make plans for after your session as I promise you will look and feel fabulous!



After The Session

After your session, a private reveal will take place five to seven days following your session to see your beautiful portraits. Your images will be edited and ready for you to select and enjoy for a lifetime.


My job is to create beautiful portraits of you that you absolutely LOVE and can’t live without!


I love to create a collection of portraits that move my client to see how beautiful they are. How camerawork transcended the boundaries between the spirit and the flesh. I love to honor one the most amazing thing you have… Your beauty! Every one of us is different. This thought goes into every one of my sessions. No matter the comfort level, women can feel sexy with a turned up lip, a smile with the eyes. 


Don’t worry about thinking “how can I do this”. It’s time to celebrate your beauty and strength and create an experience to last a lifetime! It is the best gift to give yourself. When you do things out of your comfort zone, you grow, you change, you are LIVING!


I create the dreamy versions of ourselves that we keep locked in the private recesses of our minds.

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