The audience Loved Her
Taylor is a five-star experience and as was “the highlight” of our event. Once you hear her speak, you’ll want her back! 

The Guild


"Taylor connects to the audiences in a very intimate and empowering way. Described as touching, heartwarming and empathetic, Taylor is just as likely to be called cool, funny, smart and irresistibly authentic. Her moving words elevate the experiences of everyday life and uplift our darkest moments with humor, humanity and unforgettable eloquence".

Marcia Stapleton.



"A testament to strength and grace during life's many challenges, Taylor has not only overcome immense obstacles but has also continued to excel in her personal and professional life. In Taylor's presentations, she conveys a message of love, healing and an understanding that we’re all fighting our own battle".

Lisa Martin.



"As a motivational speaker, Taylor serves as an inspiration to anyone trying to navigate their own path. Engaging, heartfelt and candid, her passion and dynamic presentations remind audiences of all ages that nothing is stronger than love, joy, and hope".

R Parsley.





“Taylor has the incredibly unique ability to speak to you in a way that not only resonates with you where you’re at but also allows you to believe you will get to where you want to go.”  

Dr. Alex Nunn The Specific Chiropractic Center




"Taylor has a talent for seeing the hidden beauty in others. Her rare gift is allowing them time and space to see and believe it too! She inspires vision beyond what you think is possible and reignites a passion for creating it".  

Candace Medina Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach Dreams-2-Destiny


Hiring the right motivational speaker is a very important decision. Taylor has been described as “an explosion of inspiration”.